Szigliget is the most beautiful and the most frequented spot in the southern part of the Tapolca-basin, a part of Badacsony wine-growing area. The small village and the medieval castle, nestled among the Witness Hills, have long been a popular destination for many tourists. The typical native varieties of grapes in the region have become  well-known, due to the unique natural growing environment. The oldest wine cellar of  Antal Hill, which can be found in the neighbourhood of castle hill, was built in 1887. It was in a ruined condition when our family gained possession of it, about one hundred years later. After its renovation, it served as a wine storage facility for a long time. In 1999, assisted by the blessings of nature in this area, we opened our wine cellar for the first time. Our guests include both wine gourmets,  and tourists, who just wish to relax. The tradition of wine-making has run in the family for decades. As a representative of youngest generation, we had the idea that tourists visiting our area, should become acquainted with our wines in their natural surroundings. In our wine cellar, we look forward to serving our guests a variety of wines, made with the combination of both modern and traditional technologies.